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Thing 2 Autumnal New Beginnings

Autumn is definitely here. Yesterday myself and my two year old listened to the loud roaring of the wind in the sycamore on the drive. Looking up at the multi-coloured leaves I was reminded about an idea I had to use autumn leaves in the toddler funtime I run in the library. I love the fact that my profession lends itself to acting on ideas that I have while going for a walk at home. I love the fact that I enjoy my job so much that I think about it even when I am not at work. We will collect leaves on Wednesday so we can make leaf crowns in the library on Thursday. I am always thinking of new ways of getting people to engage with the library. Autumn seems a good time to run evening events for adults and I decided to run a monthly board game night and see how it goes. So I am in the early stages of planning and advertising it. I like the excitement and anticipation of planning an event and the fact that you have to put it out there in the world and see what happens. How will it tu…

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